Today, there is no denying that technology plays a big role in our society. We live in a digitally connected era. Government, Academe, Financial Sectors you name it. Internet is truly a marvel that each one of us benefits from but also, a place where threat actors and us, co-exist.

Each organization’s assets and resources is unique but certainly valuable and often considered priceless, but there is a common ground; each can be a target and the reason why organizations should not ignore security. Knowing the security posture and vulnerabilities must be a goal of every organization. Performing security testing and securing resources before the actual attack is the way to go; it is not a matter of IFs but a question of WHEN an actual attack will occur. Maybe, you already got hit but you didn’t know how and when.

PenetrationTesting Designed to assist you assert the strongness of your security.

High security maturity can be verified by Nullforge by employing a mixed type of attack scenarios with industry-recommended tools to test the effectiveness of your security.

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VulnerabilityAssessment Enumerate all common security exposures.

Nullforge offers this service as a standalone assessment or as a supplement after a penetration test engagement.

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RedTeam Sophisticated, advanced and realistic full-stack security assessment.

Our red team assessment ensures that we cover other areas of security, such as publicly available wireless access points, social engineering attacks, physical security and targeted attacks.

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