Red Team High-grade firewalls, intrusion detection systems and other security appliances are just part of the security onion approach, but what about the human aspect of security? Our red team assessment ensures that we cover other areas of security, such as publicly available wireless access points, social engineering attacks, physical security and targeted attacks.

What is Red Teaming?

In military jargon, the term Red Team is traditionally used to identify highly skilled and organized groups acting as fictitious rivals and/or enemies.

The same in Information Security, a red team is a group of highly skilled white-hat hacker assessing the security of a company. Red Team Assessment and Penetration Testing shares the same goal to gain sensitive information such as PII, credit card numbers and company trade secrets, the only difference from penetration testing is that a company requiring red team assessment should have a very mature security program. The red team will pose as a real scenario persistent threat where they launch a well mixed of attacks such as but not limited to physical access, social engineering, phishing and publicly exposed computer systems and wireless access points. The red team will do everything to achieve the goal.

Who needs a Red Team Assessment?

Any company that has a very mature security program and wants to identify other real scenario risks.

Red Team Engagementperformed by: Redteamsecure