Dark Web Scanning

Nullforge offers a dark web scan, and consultants proactively search for leaked information to help organizations prevent damage and minimize the risks.

Gray box assessment - client provides little information about the organization (ex. website domain)

Black box assessment - client only provide organization's name

Our Approach

Dark Web

Information Gathering
Intelligence Gathering is collecting as much data, information or intelligence as possible, which can be utilized as a guide for dark web scanning. The more information gathered during this phase, the wider searches for the DWS can be utilized. This involves the use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), in order to find, select, and acquire information from publicly available resources that can be useful for dark web scan/search.

This phase is the process of finding any information on the dark web about the target.

Targetted Intelligence

Our Dark Web Scans are performed with targetted intelligence.

Wider Search

With our Dark Web Scan we have a wider and accurate search.