Red Team & IoT

High-grade firewalls, intrusion detection systems and other security appliances are just part of the security onion approach. but what about the human aspect of security? Our red team assessment ensures that we cover other areas of security, such as publicly available wireless access points, social engineering attacks, physical security and targeted attacks.

Social Engineering Phishing Attacks Wireless Testing

Our Approach

Vulnerability Assessment + PT Physical Access Phishing Attacks Social Engineering

Independent Red Team or a VAPT coupled with the following:

Physical Testing - Understand the true strength and effectiveness of physical security controls in data centers, offices, substations, critical infrastructure and more.

Phishing Attacks - This test targets company users, aiming to gain login credentials, financial information (such as credit cards or bank accounts), company data, and anything that could potentially be of value.

Social Engineering - the use of deception to manipulate the clients individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used to successfully compromise the target.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Our IoT Security covers testing from closed-circuit televisions, smart locks, smart cars even to your smart-toasters in the office.

Intense Research

Our IoT security engineers are trained for any required IoT testing.

World Class Tools

Our red team assessments are geared with world-class tools that will complete the mission.